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All Trustees within Northwick Park Trust work on a voluntary basis. It requires commitment of time and professionalism at all times.

Our Trust Members are

  Date of Appointment End Date (if applicable) 
Derek Aldridge  30th July 2014  
Marianne Morgan  19th December 2017  
Penny Joy Culloty  3rd October 2017  
Anthony Wood  1st September 2018   
Zahra Hull 20th May 2024  
Colin McClean  1st September 2023  
Winifred Bradley  18th March 2020 31st August 2023

Our Trustees/Directors are


Date of Appointment

End Term of Office
(current term)
End Date
(if applicable)
Appointed By
Emma Lane 1st December 2014 Ex Officio   Ex Officio
Derek Aldridge 19th September 2019 19th September 2027   Members
Anthony Wood (chair) 4th November 2016 31st August 2026   Members
Charles Mumford  12th December 2018 12th December 2026   Members
Cezara Dane  1st September 2022 1st September 2026   Members
Richard John  11th December 2023 11th December 2027   Members
Frances Attwood  11th December 2023 11th December 2027   Members
Colin MacLean  1st September 2018   31st August 2023 Members
Tracy Funston  1st September 2022   31st August 2023 Members

Secretary of the Company

Richard John


Mrs Emma Lane
Head Teacher


Richard John
Secretary of the Company

Tony Wood